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We created Rondol Industrie in 2012 with the goal of adapting extrusion technology to the micro scale and to Pharma standards and contributing therefore to better and cheaper Healthcare.

It has not been an easy road but we are getting there as we secured capital investment in the US in 2018, were nominated together with BASF at the Galien Awards in New York in 2020, and most recently signed a global technology partnership with the French Pharma group SEQENS and a research agreement against child malaria with BASF and Queens University Belfast.
So a big thank you to all our partners and to my super team. And please come and visit our application lab in Nancy where we neighbor with Institut Jean Lamour, a prestigious research lab at the forefront of Materials Science for Electronics and Healthcare.

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Vertical "All in One" pharmaceutical 10 mm twin screw extruder

Why small scale extrusion?

Small scale twin screw extrusion (HME) is a useful tool to screen formulations and perform feasibility studies on a small scale in the early stages of product development enabling direct scale-up.

This minimizes costs for active ingredients, provides for the use of small samples, quick prep time, minimum product waste and a small lab footprint. Whether running batch or continuous process operation the flexibility of our modular systems and a low capital investment costs will help you maximum ROI in a short time.

Why micro extrusion with Rondol?

We created Rondol Industries in Eastern France in June 2012 as a research group with the objective both to miniaturize extrusion equipment and to develop machines fitted to Pharma and Biotech standards.

Our goal & mission is to make world class & cutting-edge small scale HME available to our customers. Working hand and hand with you to aid you in your research with custom tailored solutions.

Since 2012 we have redesigned and changed materials for machine parts, incorporated temperature control on all process (for fragile materials with narrow range from melting to degradation), simplified the cleaning system in between lots, and made the machine « vertical » (to divide by 5 its footprint and cope with white room capital intensity per m2).

The result is a patented machine “All in One” (with easy plug in/out of ancillary devices) that we prototyped at Paris School of Physics in 2015, installed as an industrial first at Gatefossé US in 2017 and launched at AAPS in San Diego in 2018. 

In parallel to our initial objective on Pharma and Biotech applications, our customer focus has allowed us to discover or further develop other applications for extrusion at the microscale: high temperature polymers (Arkema, France), zips copping with extreme temperature conditions (YKK, UK and Canada), cable joint moulder system (Nexans, Norway), 3D Printing filament (Greenwich University, UK) and powder compounds for other 3D technologies (Lorraine University, France).

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YKK Canada was sold a 21mm 30D Twinscrew Extruder line complete with multi…


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