Rondol 21mm 30D Twinscrew Extruder line improves YKK polymer VISLON® colored zippers in canada

A technical solution to add stabilisers to raw pigment and polymer mix without the colour fading.

The Problem

YKK is world well known for the manufacture of their metal and plastic zippers. One of the last innovation YKK Canada worked on was their plastic coloured zippers that are very famous in fashion nowadays. However, the team had difficulties to make the raw pigment that gives colour, stick to it.

The Solution​

To improve the colour stability of their polymers that is used for their plastic zipper range, YKK Canada was sold a Rondol 21mm 30D Twin screw Extruder line complete with multi feeders, water-bath and pelletiser.

The addition stabilisers to the raw pigment and polymer mix guarantees that the colour of the zippers does not fade, so the Rondol 21mm complete system was the perfect choice for with its full flexibility and multi feeder options.

Rondol supported YKK with the development of the screw profiles, temperature profiles and feeding systems to improve their zipper material quality with both onsite and remote support before and after the machine was delivered and commissioned.

We continue to support YKK in their material development as and when the customer requires our technical process knowledge !