Victoire de Margerie announces new organization for Rondol Industrie

We are proud to announce that we reinforce our team at our headquarters in Nancy with two senior positions in Sales and in Operations:

  • our Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Ines Khalfallah will join us on November 2nd. Ines started her career in 2006 and has held various sales and operations management roles at Schlumberger and Arkema in Algeria, Brazil, Koweit and France. She is an engineer from the Physics School of Paris (ESPCI) and holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris. We count very much on Ines to pursue our development in Pharma and Healthcare not only in Europe but also in North America and in the emerging countries. Mael Gallas, our Pharma Development Engineer, will report to Ines.
  • our Vice President Global Operations should be joining us on January 3rd. He will come from the car industry with a strong and international background in design and engineering. Alexandre Diolot, our Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, will report to him. Also and until our VP Global Operations can join us, Bruno Arabian has accepted to play this role on a part time basis as he himself scales up to his new position as General Manager Ford Trucks France that he will run fully as from January 3rd.

On another note, we wish to improve our coverage of the countries that have been key or will be key in Rondol success and the first country is of course the UK and Ireland where we have just created the job of country manager:

  • our Country Manager UK/Ireland will be Houcem Smairi as from October 18th. Houcem started his career with Rondol in France in 2014 and has held various design and engineering management roles at AmberBox Gunshot and Epsilon Heat Exchangers in the UK since 2018. He got his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnical University of Bucarest and has 2 Specialized Masters in Mechanical Design from University of Poitiers and University of Evry. We count very much on Houcem to provide optimum customer service to our installed base of equipment as well as manage the relationship and operate the sourcing of parts and assembly services from our long lasting suppliers in the region.

The next step will be to create a Country Manager role for the USA/Canada and we are actively searching to fulfill this position hopefully in Q1 2022.

Of course Matthias Verbeet and Caroline Altimani will continue supporting our growth in their current positions of University Partnerships and Administration.

Finally we wish to warmly thank Andrew Walker who has played a key role in supporting Rondol’s development during these last 2 years where we had to face incredible logistic hurdles and a huge work load. Andy has always wanted to play a Global role and his family situation did not make it possible for him to move to Nancy. We are therefore very happy that he has found the job of his dreams and we wish him full success at our colleague company ExtruTech specialized in powder coating extruders and located in Staffordshire.

Prof. Victoire de Margerie
Executive Chairman

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