The RONDOL patented “All-in-One” vertical twin screw extruder further enhances the proven performance of the Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) technology for producing the next generation of drugs, devices and materials, separator film for solid state batteries.

Pharma Applications:

  • Drug Formulation & Manufacturing
  • Bioavailability improvement
  • 3D printed medical devices
  • Personal Care & Cosmetics

Materials Science:

  • High temperature polymer applications
  • Production related development (fibers & filaments, films & sheets, rods & strand, tubes)

Energy Applications:

  • Separator film
  • Solid state battery material mixing
  • Solvent reducing mixing and dry cathode processing
  • Lithium ion electrode slurry mixing
Rondol Vertical Micro Extruder

From traditional horizontal to innovative vertical “All-in-One”:

  • Smoother mixing of fragile active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
  • Precise monitoring of process temperature with autonomous control for each zone
  • New design to avoid contamination and enable easy changeover between lots
  • Vertical format (less than 0.5sqm) and low capital intensity
  • Full range of plug and play downstream accessories
  • No solvents
  • Low energy consumption
  • Optimized configuration for continuous manufacturing


Barrel lengthL/D 40:1
Nominal screw diameterD=10.5 mm
Maximum pallet size2.75 mm
Machine materialFull stainless steel with high level surface finish
Screw speed0-600 rpm (infinitely variable), touch screen controlled
Screw configurationSegmented screw design for optimized performance, fully interchangeable
Footprint (clean-room surface)0.49m2 / 5.27 Sq.Ft
Motor power1.5 KW or 2.85 KW
Torque output28 Nm maximum
Number of barrel zones8 temperature controlled zones (heating / cooling)
Die headSeparate temperature control for the die head
DieStrand die / strip die / cast film die
Barrel ports (2)Top feeding port for pellets and powder
Maximum temperatures (3)450°C
Run size range50g to unlimited production
Output rate rangeUp to 2kg/hr
Maximum pressure100 bars
Typical wastageMax. 3g
Data logging through TouchpadScrew speed, torque control, temperature zones; pressure, time etc.
Filament cooling systemStainless steel cooling block or air cooling
Plug and play downstream equipmentVaricut pelletizer, haul off winder film or 3D filament
Electrical power requirements30 amp, 110Vx2 + 1PE or 32 amp, 230V 1Ph.IN+1PE
Fully GMP compatibleFAT, IQ/OQ, SAT CFR21 part 11, data logging and audit trail
FeedingTop and side feeding for powder and pellets, side feeding for liquid and gas