Partnership Seqens-Rondol

SEQENS and RONDOL are pleased to announce their collaboration in formulation research and continuous flow manufacturing for existing, repurposed or new drugs in the form of extruded oral doses.

This collaboration is based on the complementarity between the two companies, with Seqens bringing its skills and expertise as a global leader in small molecules Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), from the design and development to manufacturing of APIs, and Rondol for the development and continuous improvement of drug dosage extrusion technologies. The common objective is to accelerate the development and commercialization of extruded dosage forms with improved bioavailability, reduced side effects and optimized manufacturing costs.

Many therapeutic areas can benefit from the crossover of the different technologies, for example oncology, central nervous system and infectious diseases, central nervous system- and in particular for drugs with potential toxicity concerns and for which the required dosage for treatment is estimated to be high.

The two companies are pooling their expertise to launch more rapidely new biotech inventions as well as to redesign, to lower the cost and reduce the potential side effects of some traditional healthcare treatments. This collaboration could also enable a better and faster response to future pandemics.

Pierre Luzeau (CEO SEQENS): “Seqens will bring its skills and expertise in developing and manufacturing small molecules and will rely on Rondol expertise in drug dosage extrusiontechnologiesWe count on this collaboration to bring value to our customers and further increase our portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and services we master in the Seqens’Lab and in our 6 other R&D centers around the world.”

Victoire de Margerie (Executive Chairman RONDOL): “Rondol was the 1st company to launch horizontal micro extrusion machines for Pharma applications and they were usedto develop Kaletra tablets against HIV. In 2019 we have patented the 1st vertical Pharma extruder that makes it possible to lower the cost and improve the quality of extruded formulations. We see our collaboration with Seqens as a major step tooffer our common customers a strong platform of technology expertise in order to bring sound and fast to the market new or repurposed drugs at competitive costs”