Hand Press 10, 20 and 25 Tonne

Rondol Hand Presses provide precise, durable, versatile and cost-effective performance. The Hand Press range is used in laboratories for sample compression moulding, adhesive testing and sheet production. Manufacturing uses include lamination and moulding of
components, composites and medical implants from polymers, rubbers, thermoplastics and ceramics.

The Rondol Hand Press Bench Top range provides forces from 10 to 25 Tonne.

All models feature electrical heated platens, sealed hydraulic systems and digital temperature control.

Press platen

Linear bearing units on hard chrome-plated, ground steel shafts precisely control the platen movement.

Platens feature an accurately ground surface and are manufactured from nickel-plated carbon steel (stainless steel and other materials available on request). These provide extreme durability.

Tooling can be designed and supplied to meet customer specifications.


Rondol can design and manufacture Hand Presses meeting your specific requirements.

Different platen sizes, higher platen heating, platen cooling, and cylinder strokes are available upon request.

Specifications sheet

Press 10Press 20Press 25
Closing Force [Tonnes]102025
Platen size [cm]15x1520x2020x20
Cylinder Stoke [mm]9090120
Specific Platen Pressure [N/cm2]445500625
Capacity per Platen [kW]1.222
Max. Temperature [°C]Up to 300Up to 300Up to 300
Weight net/gross [Kg]60170200
Length [mm]400500500
Width [mm]500650650
Height [mm]600700750