Extrusion for pharma applications: An update

Victoire de Margerie (CEO of Rondol), Pascal Boulet (Institut Jean Lamour), and Maël Gallas (Rondol) published a new article in SPE Polymers about our current research and development on hot-melt extrusion (HME) for drug delivery and pharmaceutical formulation.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of marketed drugs (40%) and those in the development pipeline (90%) are poorly water soluble. We use a few examples to show that solubility of active principles (APIs) can be drastically improved by using HME to mix them with different biocompatible polymers and playing with the various process parameters (extrusion temperature, screw speed, screw configuration, etc.).

The advantages of Vertical HME are then presented as well as the further development needed to make this process fully industrial for pharmaceutical purposes.

Special thanks to all colleagues with whom we have worked for years to promote this technology for improved patient confort and lower cost.

You can read the entire article by following this link :