Child Friendly Anti Malarials

On World Malaria Day dedicated to Innovation, RONDOL together with BASF and Queens University Belfast can display improved dissolution results of a newly formulated Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) of Artemether and Lumefantrine thanks to using hot melt #extrusion technology as a continuous manufacturing platform.

FDC of Artemether (AT) and Lumefantrine (LM) are the 1st line anti malarial of choice endorsed by WHO. But despite the extensive prescription of the AT-LM commercial product (Riamet), incorporated drugs are known to suffer from poor solubility and bioavailability (mainly LM).

We therefore see this improved dissolution performance as a major step on the BASF RONDOL QUB route to develop and manufacture a robust child friendly FDC for these 2 anti malarial agents while reducing both the dose strength (mainly for LM) and the frequency of administration of the FDC.

Thus increasing pediatrics compliance, minimizing the risk of parasite developing resistance against the medication as well as diminishing potential side effects.

We also believe it will allow for a lower cost, time efficient and continuous supply of the antimalarial agents to malaria endemic countries.