Ancilliaries and Dies



Our feeders are developed for in-line additive dosing of pellets and/ or powders at desired speed in the mainstream of extruder. Both feeder systems are furnished with a hopper, feed throat block, controller, stepper motor and screw feeder.


Small production, lower price and accurate dosing system. Material contact points all GMP & FDA compliant.


Self-adjusting / self-calibrating, 100% control over your product quality, easy to operate and higher accuracy equals higher savings on expensive additives. GMP & FDA compliant upon request.


Liquid Peristaltic pumps are offered to meet all of your HME processing needs.



- Variable Cut allows for specified pellet lengths and diameters from strand - Standard pelletizer for strand

Cast Film

Film cast, haul-off and winding at laboratory scale.

3D printer Haul-Off

Laboratory scale for polymer development and processing of materials for 3D printing.

Belt Caterpillar Haul-Off / Puller

Twin-belt caterpillar haul-off/puller units designed to handle lab scale requirements.

Haul-Off Winder

Take-off and wind up of strand, tube and hose

Calendaring Haul-Off

Smooth and consistent product at lab scale


Custom-engineered high quality die systems to meet your specific needs to exacting standards. We can provide a multitude of standard and custom die shapes for strand, sheet and tube profiles.

Strand Die

Custom designed strand die to requested diameters.

Sheet Die

From 0.25mm to 3mm thick and from 10mm to 100mm wide

Tube die

Custom designed to your tube shape, specifications, and application.


A right angle die used to adapt to unique downstream orientations.