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“We created Rondol Industrie in 2012 with the goal of adapting hot melt extrusion technology to the micro scale and to Pharma standards and contributing therefore to better and cheaper Healthcare.

In 2017 we installed our application lab in Nancy where we neighbor with our partner Institut Jean Lamour, a prestigious research lab at the forefront of Materials Science for Electronics and Healthcare.

In 2018 we raised funds in the USA and in 2020 we were nominated together with BASF at the Galien Awards in New York.

In 2021 we signed a global technology partnership with the French Pharma group SEQENS and a research agreement against child malaria with BASF and Queens University Belfast.
In 2022, we presented our research at AAPS 2022 in Boston, both on Antimalarials with BASF and Queens University Belfast, and on Aspirin with SEQENS and Institut Jean Lamour. This was a great success !

And finally, we have just opened in may our new offices in Montréal (Canada) to cover the North American market. This is a big step for us !

So a big thank you to all our partners and to my super team.
And please, come and visit in Nancy!

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