Twin Screw Extruders (10 mm & 21 mm)

The processing unit of our Twin Screw Extruders is a clamshell "easy clean" barrel with interchangeable segmented screws that can be reconfigured to a specific application by selecting various kneading, mixing, and shear screw elements. These co-rotate, intermesh and self-clean. 


We offer 10mm, 21mm, twin screw extruders - all in various L/D ratios and with various upstream and downstream options (feeders for granules and powder, liquid and CO2 injection, all types of dies, metal and plastic conveyors as well as water-bath, fix and variable speed pelletizers).


Minimum quantities of high value samples can be processed with the unique Microlab 10mm and Rondol PASS (Process Analysis & Simulation Software) enables time and cost savings in method development, procedure optimisation and preparation for scale-up production on our 21mm twin screw extruders.