10mm Twin Screw Extruder Microlab

Rondol has adapted the 10mm Microlab to healthcare specific requirements: 

- all contact parts are in stainless steel with high level surface polish

- an "easy clean" barrel allows quick access to screws and barrel for cleaning, screw configuration change and unrestricted wipe down thanks to a removable barrel liner and therefore a minimum residual quantity in the barrel at the end of a production run (less than 10g). 

- the barrel can be set up to a length to screw diameter ratio of 40 (the standard ratio is 20) which allows a "soft" extrusion in order to avoid the degradation of formulation ingredients.

- an optional high temperature operation of up to 450°C enables the machine to process polymers such as PEEK or PEKK widely used for high tech implants and devices.

- feed-dosing of different additives (liquid or solid)  allow both melt or wet extrusion to incorporate a wide variety of controlled release drugs in solid dosage forms with high levels of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). 

- an optional pump to inject super critical CO2 within the barrel during the extrusion process enables the machine either to produce effervescent foams that increase the release rate of the embedded drug or to better control the melt temperature for temperature sensitive ingredients.

- optional chaotic mixing screw elements also improve dispersion and minimise risk of damage to shear or thermally sensitive nano-materials and APIs.