On Monday 5 March 2018 the High Court in London granted Rondol the judgement against Twin Tech in relation to its copyright claims and ordered Twin Tech:

Not to copy any of Rondol’s Microlab Twin Screw Extruder Drawings nor issue such copies to the public;

Not to otherwise infringe any of Rondol’s copyrights.


Twin Tech were also ordered to deliver up to Rondol within 21 days of the Court order, all goods, materials and articles within its control, the use, possession, display or distribution of which in the course of business would be contrary to the above mentioned injunction. 


Twin Tech were still further ordered to give extensive disclosure of various documents so as to enable Rondol to determine what type of financial remedy (damages etc.) it should pursue against Twin Tech.


The court also debarred Twin Tech from putting in a defence in relation to any of the claims raised against it in Rondol’s legal action or from taking any further part in the defence of the claims made against it in the action. 


Twin Tech were ordered to pay Rondol £16,024.70 in respect of its legal costs of the applications.