Rondol nominated at the Galien MedStartUp Awards 2020

29 Sep 2020

At least half of the World’s population does not have essential healthcare coverage - 27.5 million people in the United States alone - and these patients often cannot afford to pay for new and cutting-edge treatments but could benefit greatly from improved and repurposed existing treatments, for which the initial R&D investment has already depreciated. Outside the US, 400,000 die every year in emerging countries from malaria – mostly in Sub Saharan Africa and mostly young children and pregnant women - and the costs of malaria – to individuals, families, communities, nations – are enormousSo making existing treatments available at same efficiency and lower cost for underserved and emerging populations can and will have a huge impact on the society at large. 


This is why Rondol in collaboration with BASF US has decided to apply for the Galien MedStartUp Awards 2020 in the category of “Underserved and Developing Populations Worldwide” in order to highlight the benefits of various engineering solutions combining Rondol Vertical Micro Extruders and BASF Pharma Excipients . 


Victoire de Margerie, Executive Chairman Rondol says : « We are very proud to be 1 of 3 nominees in the Galien MedStartUp Award for Underserved and Developing Populations and we are really happy that our collaboration with BASF is highlighted in providing optimum dosing and continuous manufacturing solutions for improved and lower cost medical treatment of these populations worldwide.”


Caroline Altimani, Business Development North America, France and Africa at Rondol says: “The exceptional precision of mixing provided by twinscrew extrusion allows to reduce the dosing of some APIs for which the dose needed to be effective could create secondary effects. Our vertical continuous manufacturing process is also more simple compared to other processes that involve numerous steps usually occurring in different parts of the manufacturing plant, at different sites, or even in different countries".