Rondol Industrie joins Alsace Biovalley Cluster

28 Jul 2013

Rondol is please to announce that it just joined Alsace Biovalley, French cluster dedicated to life and medical sciences. Alasce Biovalley is one of the 3 « medtech » clusters, with worlwide ambition, recognized by the French state in 2005 to push the innovation in France.

 « After one year in Strasbourg, we are very pleased of having established our headquarter in Alsace » explaines Victoire de Margerie, Chairman of Rondol Industrie. « Joigning Alsace Biovalley is also a key element of our strategy to sell equipment and services to metech industrials in France, in Europe and in the US where Alsace Biovalley and OSEO just signed a partnership agreement with Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC). »
« Alsace Biovalley is proud of having Rondol being part of Alsace Biovalley » said Jean-Yves Bonnefoy, Chairman of Alsace Biovalley. « Rondol’s expertise adds up to those of all other members companies of our network. The challenge for Alsace Biovalley is now to create synergies between all theses companies with so many different skills. Indeed, market driven innovation in medectch industry comes often from bringing together different skills and know how. We are also very pleased to make Rondol benefit from our network in Swisstzerland and Germany. We do believe that Rondol will find in Alsace an ecosystem that will supports and faste nits development of pharma and medical applications and innovations . »