Rondol extends its market to Russia and Middle East

05 Apr 2016

  Rondol is happy to announce the successful delivery of 2 full micro extrusion lines (10 mm twin screw) to customers based in Russia and the Middle East.

  Those 2 lines include a flexible dosing, mixing and shaping:

·       Dosing:

o     A variety of feeders along the barrel fully controlled by the HMI: Pellets feeder, powder feeder, side powder feeder (material forced into the barrel), liquid feeder(material forced into the barrel) and gaz feeder (material forced into the barrel)

·       Mixing:

o     A Microlab 25/1 L/D with the flexibility Rondol is known for: screw configuration, HMI control of speed, pressure and temperature - 5 zones - …

·       Shaping:

o     A cast film die for producing a 50mm width and 200 microns thick film coming with a haul off for cooling it down and a winder for winding it up

o     Or a 1,75 mm die for producing pellets coming with a water bath for cooling the filament down and a variable length pelletizer for producing 0,5mm/1mm/2mm/3mm pellets

o     Or a 1,75 mm die for producing 3D printers cartridges coming with a water bath for cooling the filament down and winding it up through a winder with layering unit


  At Rondol, we offer the best from our plastics processing experience and our customers get "more with less": a full flexible machine that needs small amount of materials to achieve quality batches, an equipment easy to handle and to use and on top of it at a fair price.

  As Sergey Volosheniuk, Business development director at UAB "D&D Well" Lithuania states : « We are proud to have been part of this deal that signs the start of a collaboration with Rondol in terms of supplying Hot Melt Extrusion laboratory equipment to customers in Russia. We are sure that this line of equipment will speed up the development of new materials and therefore lower the R&D costs at our customer »


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