Rondol delivers an innovative 21mm Twin Screw Extruder to Arkema

11 Apr 2016

Rondol is proud  to anounce that we have successfully delivered a newly designed 21mm Twin Screw Extruder to Arkema, one of the world leaders for innovative materials solutions involving engineered polymers.

Donatien Bruggeman, Sales Manager at Rondol states: “This new extruder is the most flexible extruder we have ever designed. Its permeable clamshell barrel allows you to process the most fluid polymer and its high torque motor allows you to process the most viscous polymers: it applies 160Nm on the screws together! It offers as well an user friendly experience and does not leave any wishes unmet.”

 Denis Huzé R&D Proccesing and Applications Manager at Arkema states: “Its modular system for screw elements allows us to create the best screw profile for any kind of compound we like to process and change it easily. Additionally, the top and bottom cooling is the perfect add-on for ensuring a precise temperature control all along the barrel.”

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