Prof Victoire de Margerie takes part in a roundtable discussion with Louis Gallois

25 Jan 2015

During the New Year greetings to the economic world of Strasbourg Eurométropole, Prof. Victoire de Margerie , Chairman Rondol took part in a roundtable with Louis Gallois , Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PSA , Carlos Munoz , CEO of Volotea , Robert Herrmann , President Eurométropole , Roland Ries , Mayor of Strasbourg , Alain Beretz , President of the University of Strasbourg and Catherine Trautmann , European MP.

The purpose of the roundtable was to present the importance of the metropolitan ecosystem of Strasbourg and its human capital.

Following this meeting, Louis Gallois and Robert Herrmann did us the honor to visit our laboratory in Strasbourg where Rondol team was able to present an innovative design of a prototype machine dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry and emphasize the ongoing cooperation with the University of Strasbourg.

Robert Herrmann , back on this day and points out: " The Eurometropole bears a strong ambition for economic development and employment is essential for the community to pursue investments that strengthen the innovation ecosystem, in particular in the field of health and medical technology , to attract companies to Strasbourg such as Rondol . Rondol has chosen Strasbourg to set up a dynamic team and develop highly technological machine tools intended for export demanding markets such as Germany and the United States . We are proud to have the Young Innovative Company ( JEI “Jeune Entreprise Innovante ) among us at the Eurometropole . "

Victoire de Margerie , thanking our visitors stated: " Give a brief introduction of Rondol to the Strasbourg economic world and then to show our facilities to Louis Gallois and Robert Herrmann is a great opportunity to make known the potential of our extrusion technology . Our machines allows in particular to improve the bioavailability and efficacy of some drugs while enabling administration via home care protocols - which of course means more comfort patient and treatment costs than for the community . "