Prof Victoire de Margerie on the Organizing Committee of World Materials Forum

06 Mar 2015

It is no secret that materials are a corner stone to the value chain of our economies. A modification in the technologies that are being used for processing materials or a change in the regulations that apply to their utilization can therefore have a huge impact on our daily lifes.

This is the reason why the World Materials Forum - - was created as a truly international event where top CEOs of global companies that manufacture or use materials will meet and debate with leading scientists, policy makers or high tech start ups in order to address major issues and propose optimum solutions that will both improve companies competitiveness and respect all stakeholders' legitimate requirements.

For the 2015 edition, the partners are the CEOs of Arkéma, EcoEmballages, Italcementi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Peugeot Citroen, Rio Tinto Minerals, Saint Gogain, Solvay, Valspar and Voest Alpine and the focus will be on three themes: Materials Availability, Materials Life Cycle Management and Substitute Materials for Competitiveness.

Materials Availability: here the objective will be to understand fully what are the real issues created by materials with limited availability, to review in details what are the policies envisaged to tackle those issues and there will also be a special dive on to R&D programs that aim to reduce materials availability issues.

Materials Life Cycle Management: here the start will be with a review of the best practices gathered in the traditional methods used to reduce and value materials wastes - eco design, materials recycling, and energy valorization- before moving on to the more global approach of life cycle management - or how to work on every step of the materials value chain in order to become "more green".

Substitute Materials for Competitiveness: after a thorough investigation of what could be the Materials breakthroughs for the 21st century and a review of the specific performances and new applications made possible by composites,  a more strategic angle will be considered on substitute materials that offer both sustainable development and enhanced competitiveness.

Finally the 2015 edition will happen in Nancy on June 23rd and 24th, only a few months before Paris will host the COP21 UN Conference and Philippe Varin, Chairman of the World Materials Forum, will have the opportunity to present the Forum conclusions at one of the COP 21 Plenary Sessions.

Victoire de Margerie, CEO of Rondol, is proud to be on the Organizing Committee of the World Materials Forum: "like for new medicines, our conviction is that technology breakthroughs in the field of materials will come as much from major multinational corporations as from small companies and start ups. Some selected SMEs such as Rondol will therefore be given the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in various fields such as 3D Printing or micro processing".