Fully fitted 21mm Twin Screw Extruder for YKK in the UK

20 Jul 2016

 "YKK is a Japanese corporation with more than 40 000 employees and the world leader for zippers and other fastening products. For their UK R&D center and the development of a new range of products targeting highly demanding sport applications they have just acquired and Rondol has just installed a 21mm Twin Screw Extruder with a wide range of feeding options. 

Donatien Bruggeman, Sales Manager at Rondol states: “This flexible Twin Screw Extruder will allow YKK to set precise parameters to mix color and additives to various polymer matrices allowing R&D fellows to design and industrialize more complex compounds for our tomorrows innovative zippers.”

Catherine Maieron, Operations Manager at Rondol state: "This was a very interesting experience to adapt our well known and robust 21 mm extruder and make it a flexible and precise machine for a brand new range of products.”

Victoire de Margerie, Founder and Chairman at Rondol states: “ We are always proud to allow our customers from all different sectors to meet their innovation objectives. This deal proves once more that twin screw extrusion is a great high quality low capex technology when it comes to speed up the development of new polymer based products”

If you are interested in this equipment, please contact us at donatien@rondol.com"