Full range of Rondol 10mm twin screw extruders in Germany

18 Oct 2013

The Institut fur NanoMaterialien in Saarbr├╝cken - INM - has acquired a 10mm 40/1 extruder fully manufactured in D2 Carbon Steel to allow for a wide variety of academic trials on nanomaterials.

Dr Marlon Jochum, Chemist for Nanomers says: "the Rondol extruder makes it possible for us to choose an existing screw configuration as we find it on our larger production extruders which support a similar formation of contacts, but with the economy of a small scale machine"

At the other end of the spectrum, Rondol has supplied to Catalent in Schorndorf a sophisticated prototype line - the extruder itself plus multifeeding options and downstream calendar unit - fully manufactured in Stainless Steel and compliant with Pharma standards.

Dr Uwe Hannenberg, R&D Director states: " the Rondol line works very well and is capable of processing the most difficult polymers at an acceptable throughput. The prototype nature of the equipment has made it a somehow lengthy process but it is worth the efforts spent by all of us".