First cooperation between Rondol and the Strasbourg Faculty of Pharmacy

12 Jul 2013

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013the first promotion of apprentices from the Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Strasbourg visited the Competence Center of the RONDOL society, located in the center of the Alsatian capital. The group of 10 - all future pharmaceutical industry managers - were warmly welcomed by Hans MAIER, Technical Director, and Patrick VIAU, Mechanical Design Engineer at RONDOL.

 The company, which is specialized in the design of equipment for processing polymers, made ​​a presentation of the hot melt extrusion technology for nearly two hours in English and answered all the questions that the apprentices had. The meeting was supplemented by viewing images in three dimensions of extrusion equipment, including a twin-screw extruder, in order to understand the technical aspects of these machines and the applications of this innovative technology.

 Donath Meyer declares: “The whole promotion would like to thank Mr. MAIER and Mr. VIAU for their hospitality and knowledge and experience sharing. This meeting marks the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between the Association of Pharmaceutical Engineering of Strasbourg, created by the first promotion, and the company”

 Hans Maier says: “Rondol is pleased that we had the opportunity to welcome Master students of the Strasbourg Faculty of Pharmacy and we will be happy to speak at the first symposium of Pharmaceutical Engineering in Illkirch on the 16th and 17th ofSeptember, 2013”