Dr Gavin Andrews: "Queen's University cooperates once more with Rondol"

22 Sep 2014

Queen’s University Belfast acquires their 3rd Microlab from Rondol Industrie for R&D on coextrusion and its applications in the pharmaceutical field. The new Microlab will be coupled with another Microlab bought a few years ago thanks to a co-extrusion die especially designed by Rondol team to meet Queen's requirements.

Donatien Bruggeman, Business Development Engineer at Rondol states: “By pressing two or more materials through the same die to produce a co-extrudate, co-extrusion can yield properties distinct from those of a single extruded material. It therefore opens up new research fields in the pharmaceutical industry. “

Gavin Andrews, Reader in Pharmaceutics at Queens University School of Pharmacy states: “ Working with this innovative co-extrusion equipment will help us to work on HME applications in order to speed up a broader use of this technology by the pharmaceutical industry "