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"Rondol Industrie was created in 2012 in Strasbourg, France, and develops at the micro scale a full range of Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) machines together with all necessary upstream and downstream equipment. 

HME technology is well known by the food industry and widely used for producing and shaping many materials but it has only been of interest for the pharmaceutical industry to embed drugs into polymers since 2000. 

The extraordinary precision of dispersion offered by HME even at the micro scale indeed allows the production of very small tablets that will always have the same percentage of API included - and this with lower production costs due to a reduction in number of production steps. Also the drug efficiency will be higher and the patient comfort increased as the patient will absorb a daily dose at home instead of facing a heavy diffusion session every two weeks at the hospital - and this with lower treatment costs due to a reduced number of hospital beds/days. And big Pharmas could use this new drug delivery solution to get a patent extension for some drugs that have been extremely expensive to develop – a good idea to fight the famous patent cliff effect.

Finally we continuously discover applications for HME at the microscale thanks to our customer focus: please bring us your constraints, they will be opportunities to finding innovative solutions."

Victoire de Margerie, CEO

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Injection Moulding Medika 50/120

10mm Twin Screw Extruder Microlab

Injection Moulding Medika 50/120

10mm Twin Screw Extruder Microlab

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